What We Do

To promote healthy lifestyles and improve the health for all Americans, health promotion must be an integral part of our communities including clinical settings, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, families, and local, state and federal health policy. To that end, we engage health promotion industry leaders and members, as well as congressional offices to develop and support health promotion legislation that will contribute to health improvement within our American communities.

How we do it

Health Promotion Advocates Board Members and volunteers actively monitor legislative activity to provide the voice for the benefits of creating a healthy and productive country. We educate policymakers about health promotion topics and concerns as they research, draft and propose legislation. We work to bring visibility to those legislative provisions that will encourage and support improving the health of all Americans.

On a regular basis, the Health Promotion Advocates Board of Directors reviews current legislative priorities to determine the focus of our advocacy efforts. The criteria for selecting the focus areas includes:

  • Overall impact to the health of Americans
  • Cost of proposed legislation
  • Impact on job creation within the field of health promotion and related professions

The legislative activities undertaken by Health Promotion Advocates focus in three areas:

  • Introduce New Legislation – Health Promotion Advocates works with members of Congress to develop ideas for new legislation, articulates the scientific rationale for these ideas, and builds support among other members of Congress.
  • Secure Funding – When new programs are authorized through new legislation, funds must be secured to support those programs.  Health Promotion Advocates works with members of Congress to build support for funding health promotion programs authorized by new and existing legislation.
  • Regulations – Before new legislation is implemented, regulations need to be written by the administration to guide implementation of those regulations. Health Promotion Advocates helps those writing the regulations understand the intent of the legislation and craft language to articulate those intentions.
  • Agency Oversight – Health Promotion Advocates monitors the implementation of legislation at the agency level to insure that it is implemented as intended.

Grassroots Advocates Network

Health Promotion Advocates convenes like-minded individuals who support our vision through a grassroots advocacy network. The grassroots advocacy network is called upon to contact their elected officials to encourage them to support legislation supported by Health Promotion Advocates.

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