Our Vision


Our vision is a nation in which the norm is for employers, educators, clinicians, and communities to have policies, environments and programs that make healthy lifestyle the easiest choice, resulting in lower medical costs and utilization, job creation, and reduction of the federal debt.


Our mission is to make health promotion an integral part of all elements of society including families, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, clinical settings and all levels of public policy.


Our strategy will evolve over time based on our progress and changing mission. Our strategy is to engage the health promotion community in developing, supporting and passing legislation that contributes to our mission, helping to write regulations that reflect the intentions of this legislation, helping to secure funding for key health promotion programs, and monitoring the implementation of key health promotion programs at the agency level. Our strategy is to make leaders aware of the fact that federal spending on medical care is likely to bankrupt the nation within the next three decades, and that improving lifestyle practices has the potential to substantially reduce these costs, and at the same time to create jobs and improve the quality of life for millions of people.


Our process is to first focus on vetting this concept among economists, then leaders in business and health insurance, and then among health promotion and public health professionals. When the concept has been refined and has broad support, we will shift our focus to integrating health promotion concepts into workplace, school, clinical, and community settings, with most funding anticipated coming from private employers, and complementary state and federal programs supported by new tax revenues gained by the growth of the health promotion field.  Making acceptance of the concept a reality will require engaging major sectors of society and health promotion professionals in particular.  We intend to complete the vetting of the concept within the next two years, and to mobilize wide acceptance over the next decade.

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