Universal Access to Health Promotion:

A Sustainable Strategy to Reduce Health Disparities,
Improve the Health of an Entire State,
and Accelerate the Evolution of Health Promotion


We need your help thinking through a rather bold idea: making Universal Access to Health Promotion to a reality.

That reality has the potential to improve the health of entire states, reduce health disparities and accelerate the evolution of health promotion.

A white paper released by Dr. Michael O’Donnell, founder and chair emeritus of Health Promotion Advocates in December 2017, describes a strategy that has potential to provide universal access to health promotion in a cost effective and sustainable way, and create thousands of new health promotion jobs in the process…but, it is very much a work in process. We need your help identifying and filling gaps in the approach. This effort is described is discussed in a webinar panel discussion held on February 26, 2018.


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